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the power of

what are you missing today?

At first glance, you already have everything.


You have success, comfort, friends and many would like to be in your shoes. But something is missing, eluding you, and you are not truly fulfilled or happy.

Tell me about that. Tell me about the life you would really like to have. Tell me about your dreams and desires.

Those who flirt with the impossible.

Those who have the potential to change your life.

Those that seem inaccessible but that make you vibrate.

If they don't scare you a little,

you're not aiming high enough.

If you're aiming high enough, you've come to the right place.

Now it's time to Commit.

your life in peaks

The search for personal fulfillment is comparable to a complex and perpetual expedition of 5 ascents. Complex because the ascents are done simultaneously.

Perpetual because the summits constantly rise with you.









your commitments

health before all

Alexis, Business Lawyer

my approach

I accompany accomplished men and women who have a dream or an extraordinary project and who are resolutely ready to take action.


No, you don't need discipline, motivation or self-confidence to succeed, only Commitment.


Working with me means accepting the challenge and Commitment to the Extraordinary. Nothing less.

My goal is not to make you happy but to make you succeed.

your commitment,
My services

My coaching is not for everyone because it is based on an essential notion: 100% commitment.

Yours, as much as mine.

If your commitment to your projects is not yet 100%, you will be wasting time.

Yours, as much as mine.


Once you have made a firm intention to transform your life and are fully committed to this change, namely to make it a priority and to stop making excuses for yourself, then there are several ways we can work together.



Your goals

Transform your life, realize an extraordinary dream or achieve an impossible goal. With me, there are no limits, the bigger you dream, the higher we fly.

Our partnership

Virtually unlimited coaching tailored to your needs.

Your investment

12 month commitment.

25 000.-

My engagement

No bullshit. Transformation guaranteed. Your life will never be the same again because nothing will seem impossible to you.


Your goals

Create, transform or get rid of any life habit.

Our partnership

An essential calibration session in person (2 to 3 hours).

Two additional sessions if necessary.

Optional weekly support via Zoom.

Your investment

12 month program.

5 000.-

My engagement

Success guaranteed. Or your money back.

laser coaching

Your goals

A commitment to make, a problem to solve, an obstacle to overcome, a conflict to settle, a fear to face, an action plan to define or motivation to find.

Our partnership

A targeted, powerful and effective coaching session. In person or remotely. Recording possible to listen to later.

Your investment

3 hours.

1 000.-

My engagement

No bullshit. You come with a question, you leave with an answer. Maybe not the one you originally wanted, but the one you actually needed. When your view of the world changes, your whole world changes.


Your goals

Take a break to take a second wind or a new beginning. Make an important decision. Go up a gear.

Our partnership

A day cut off from the world, just for you, on a golf course or in the mountains, as the backdrop for an intense transformative coaching session.

Your investment

A full day. No smartphone.

2 500.-

My engagement

No bullshit. A full refocusing on you, your values, your priorities, your commitments. An unforgettable day that will mark a turning point in your life or your career.


let's CHAT

When everything is getting faster and faster around us, I offer you to take some time. Let's take the time to meet, get to know each other and explore in depth your dreams, your desires and your expectations.

and smile AT the impossible

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