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the power of commitment

the impact of coaching,
the reach of a conference

The Coachference® concept is based on 5 unique characteristics that differentiate it from a standard conference:

  1. Absolute focus (non negotiable Zero Smartphone policy)

  2. Individual interaction with every single participant

  3. Guaranteed 100% employee commitment

  4. Easily measurable 30-day impact

  5. Adaptable to any topic

an exclusive
dual approach

Performance, motivation, productivity and well-being at work are all individual responsibilities, but that's not all.


It is also largely the responsibility of leaders and managers, who must lead by example and create a climate conducive to personal commitment.

Each of my Coachferences is available in two versions: one for all your employees and one for your leaders and managers.

1- for
your people

2- for
your leaders


  1. Work/Life balance: a matter of Personal Internal Commitment

  2. Stop "managing" your time, start "creating" your time

  3. The Circle of Trust: the cement of any team building

  4. Self-care: the oxygen mask of the workplace

  5. Communication: what do YOU want?

results and benefits


Individual commitment

Better day-to-day leadership

Increased employee engagement

middle term

Increased productivity

Improved communication

Lower absenteeism (sick leave)

long term

Trusted and inspiring leadership

Talent retention, low turnover

More attractive workplace

let's meet

While everything is always going faster around us, I suggest we take some time. Let's take the time to meet, get to know each other and go thoroughly over your needs and expectations.

and choose the extraordinary

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