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well-being, fun, challenge, performance:
sports is LIFE

I am ready to coach you whatever your goals are in sports,

but only if you're ready to take the lead,

and not just be a follower.


get back

Lose weight, exercise, eat better, sleep better, reduce stress... we will work together to help you feel better every day, in the best shape of your life.


make DREAM
come true

A Marathon, an Ultra Trail, an alpine ascent, a multi day hike... whatever your project, we will establish your tailor-made training plan together.



Run faster, further, longer, beat your records... If you are aiming for performance, I will help you optimise your preparation and push your limits.

With me, you won't find a magic formula or a ready-made training plan to follow to the T without thinking, but I will help you design and apply the ideal plan for your project, the one that works because it fits you.


pick up running

I don't run very often but my brother is a running enthusiast so I would like to get back in shape and one day be able to complete a marathon in duo with him!

Vincent, occasional runner

my expertise

Passionate about sports since my youngest age, I have been a beginner in many fields, a veteran in several and an expert in some. Today I have an elite level in Golf (handicap 0) and in Ultra-Trail (details of my results here).

This expertise is as much practical as it is theoretical, the result of thousands of hours of training, competitions around the world and research and discussions on everything related to sports and fitness.

Via my Sports Coaching services, I put this expertise at your disposal, whatever you needs and goals are.

my services
sports coaching

My coaching is not for everyone because it is based on an essential notion: 100% commitment.

Yours, as much as mine.

Once you have made a firm decision to transform your life and are fully committed to this change, then there are several ways to work with me.


intensive coaching

Your goals

Lose some weight.

Exercise regularly.

Get in shape.

Prepare an ambitious goal, race or challenge.

Our partnership

Weekly in-person coaching tailored to your needs and unlimited remote support.

Your investment

12 month commitment.

15 000.-

My commitment

Transformation guaranteed.

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life, because I know you are capable of so much more than you think.


Your goals

Prepare for an important event: 10k, marathon, Ironman, Ultra trail, long-distance hike, personal record attempt, etc.

Our partnership

One scheduled monthly session plus unlimited remote coaching and follow-up.

Your investment

6 month commitment.

360.- / month

My commitment

You are already autonomous in your sports practice but you want to go further: I put all my knowledge and experience at the service of your progress. Prepare to step up your game to the next level.


express 360

Your goals

You are looking for answers to all your questions about training, preparation, nutrition, strategy, equipment, technique, a particular race, etc.

Our partnership

A targeted coaching session, in person or remotely, where I answer all your questions, asked on site or in advance. Recording possible to listen to later. Group registration possible.

Your investment



My commitment

I put at your disposal my thousands of hours of training, reading, discussion and reflection on sports, running and physical preparation in general.

Then I help you apply them to your personal situation to offer you fully personalised answers.

let's chat

When everything is getting faster and faster around us, I offer you to take some time. Let's take the time to meet, get to know each other and explore in depth your dreams, your desires and your expectations.

and get moving

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