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q3 No limit
The magic wand

My exclusive Q3 No Limit program acts like a true magic wand: it allows you to instantly implement and stick to any new habit or to get rid of any old ones that may be poisoning your life. All it takes is the right Commitment.

You can never stick to your new habits or new year's resolutions because you lack discipline and willpower? Well, that is not exactly true: the truth is, you do not need more discipline or willpower, all you need is a stronger Commitment.

Q3 No Limit is based on 3 essential questions. If you can look me straight in the eye and answer YES to each of these 3 questions, then there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

Program duration: 1 year. 

Your investment: 5,000 Frs.

My commitment: Guaranteed success. Or your money back.

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The magical power of commitment


Every Commitment starts with an intention: quit smoking, start exercising, spend more time with loved ones, eat healthy, etc. But if the intention is necessary, it is not enough to make it a Commitment: you need to add a deep sense of priority and a willingness to stop looking for excuses.

My method

Q3 No Limit uses many well-researched principles in behavioral economics to help you formalize your commitment and stick to it. Motivation, personal inner commitment, responsibility towards a third party, loss aversion are all key aspects at the heart of our work together.

My commitment

No bullshit. If you answer the initial three questions honestly, I guarantee your success and the subsequent change in your life.

You will discover the nearly magical power of your Commitment.

what type

Health & Well-being

Quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Eat better. Exercise regularly. Finally be done with procrastination.

Career & Finances

Save money. Apply for new opportunities. Negotiate difficult conversations. Create new customers.

Interests & Hobbies

Learn to play an instrument. Start or resume a sporting or creative activity. Improve and master a skill.

Relationships with Others

Spend more time with loved ones. Improve your relationship. Learn how to say no, to listen or to forgive.

Philosophy & Life Values

Read or educate yourself continuously. Adopt a green lifestyle.

let's chat

When everything is getting faster and faster around us, I offer you to take some time. Let's take the time to meet, get to know each other and explore in depth your dreams, your desires and your expectations as well as the new daily habits that will allow you to achieve them.

and smile at the impossible

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