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My vision for true leadership

1- A true Leader is committed to serve.

2- A true Leader always leads by example.

3- A true Leader inspires trust in others.

4- A true Leader grants their trust to others.

5- A true Leader creates more Leaders, not more followers.

My services

My coaching is not for everyone because it is based on an essential concept: 100% Commitment.

Yours, as much as mine.

When it comes to Leadership, I am all the more intransigent with this notion, because no real Leadership can exist without Commitment.

The programs below are aimed at Managers who aspire to become true Leaders, and at true Leaders who always aim higher in the service of others.


the leader's commitment

Your goals

Increase the level of commitment of your leaders and employees.

Our partnership

An interactive one-hour workshop-conference more impactful than anything you have been able to organize before on the subject.

Your investment

Coachference 2x90min + debrief 2x60min.

Evolutive pricing from 200.- to 50.- per participant.

My commitment

There will be a Before and an After.

Your teams will discover the true meaning and infinite power of Commitment.

Bureau du directeur général

executive coaching

Your goals

Facing the leader's loneliness.

Take a step back and change your perspective.

Increase your impact, your influence and your leadership.

Our partnership

Fully personalized support according to your needs. Laser coaching remotely or in person.

Your investment

6 months minimum.

15 000.-

My commitment

Get ready for the next level.

themed coaching

Your goals

Create time.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Become a Leader instead of a Manager.

Our partnership

A program of 6 personalized coaching sessions targeted at one of the 3 objectives above.

Your investment

6x90min spread over three months.

3 000.-

My commitment

Three programs targeted on my areas of expertise but resolutely based on the Coaching method and therefore fully personalized. I bring the theory, we put it into practice.

Teamwork makes the dream work._edited.jpg
Conférence d'affaires

group coaching

Your goals

Create time. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Become a Leader instead of a Manager. Manage conflict and difficult conversations. Lead by example. Listen and empathize. Inspire trust. Master feedback. Etc.

Our partnership

A program of 6 group coaching sessions (5 to 10 leaders maximum) targeted on the above objectives.

Your investment

6x1h30 spread over three months.

10 000.-

My commitment

Trust and confidentiality. We use collective intelligence to develop inspiring individual leadership based on trust, leading by example and true commitment.

let's CHAT

When everything is getting faster and faster around us, I offer you to take some time. Let's take the time to meet, get to know each other and explore in depth your dreams, your desires and your expectations.

and lead the way

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