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at the impossible

Having lived and worked with English as my main language for years, I am now fully bilingual and as comfortable coaching in French or in English.

This page will offer you a brief summary of my Coaching, my profile and my services.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, let's take some time together to discuss your deepest dreams and desires and how coaching can help you reach them.


Who? What? How?

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for whom

For you, but only if you are ready to be challenged and get out of your comfort zone.

Coaching is for those willing to take matter into their own hands, without somebody holding theirs.


for what

Coaching can allow you to achieve all your goals, whether they are personal or professional. If they seem too easy, you're probably not aiming high enough.


and how

Get ready to be challenged like you've never been before. Learn to question your beliefs and certainties and let your inner potential take you to the next level.


life coaching

the 5summits

The pursuit of personal fulfillment is comparable to a complex and perpetual quest of 5 summits. It is complex because the climbs are all done simultaneously, and perpetual because the summits are constantly rising with us.








If you only focus on one summit, the others may slip away.

If you try to conquer them all too quickly, you may not be able to climb any of them.

But if you reach one, the following one will be even easier.

Now if a summit seems too high or too difficult to climb,

maybe all you need is the help of a Coach.


sports coaching

wellbeing, leisure, performance:

sportsis everywhere

Whatever the role sports plays in your life, I can definitely coach you towards your goal, whether it is to lose weight, get back in shape, improve and push your limits, decompress on a daily basis, feel closer to nature or complete the challenge of your dreams.

I am excited to coach you if you're ready to take matter in your own hands,

but not if you need somebody holding yours.



Losing weight, exercising, eating better, sleeping better, reducing stress... we will dive deep into your life habits to help you feel better on a daily basis.



Running a Marathon, an Ultra Trail, climbing a mountain, go on a multi-day expedition... whatever your dream, we will work together to make sure you are ideally prepared for it.

Sur une course


Running faster, farther, longer, crushing your PBs... If you are gunning for performance and improvement, I will help you optimize your training and push your own limits.

Halfway between Coaching and Consulting, my Sports Coaching services will allow you to improve significantly and achieve all your goals, but more importantly to discover all the secrets of training and preparation to get and stay in the best shape of your life.

Here you will not find a ready-made training plan to follow to a T without thinking, but I will help you understand and designthe ideal plan that works for you and looks like you.



the importance of finding

tea rightCOACH for you

Each coach is unique and brings you their qualities, their personality and their experience. These can vary dramatically but should absolutely matchyour expectations and your personality.

Here is my approach to Coaching in 4 commitments




left the success and comfort of my position in Private Banking to establish myself as an independent coach. Why? Out of passion. The passion to contribute to the development and fulfillment of others.

I am committed to putting all my attention, energy and motivation in the pursuit of your goals.



With a Master in Management in France and an MBA in the USA, my professional career includes successful experiences notably at Richard Mille, Michael Page and JP Morgan Private Bank..

I am very familiar with the pressure, the responsibilities and the challenges you may face in the corporate world.


high performance


Being an elite athlete in Golf as well as in Ultra Endurance, I know the determination and the efforts necessary to become better and to reach our most ambitious goals.

Some may think your goals are impossible or unattainable, but I can't wait to help you prove them wrong.

a culture of


In the mountains, in races, in golf, in business, abroad ... I have evolved in very different environments to which I had to adapt but I have always figured out the way to excellence.

Success is not only for others, so you too, make the choice of excellence and look straight ahead, with your head high.

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let's get toknow each other

Everything is getting faster and faster around us, so let's take some time.

Let's take the time to meet, to get to know each other and to go over all your dreams and desires.

reach out to me

and startredesigningyour life

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